10 Hours of CAT PURRING SOUND | 3D High-Fidelity Sound | Soothing Sound | Sleep Meditation | Yoga

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This is insane 10 Hours of CAT PURRING High-Fidelity HD SOUND with 3D effect. It’s Soothing, good for Sleep, Meditation or Yoga.
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Sound is Llicensed under a Attribution 3.0 International License.


Whitetornadokid Thesecond says:

Midnight..Snores louder . TRUTH. I do have a better nights rest when she rests her head on my shoulder!

Holly Denvers says:

Calming sounds of cats purring so happily, makes me wanna… zzzzz

Clyde Berry says:

Thanks for the post. Me and my cat Juniper find it very relaxing. I think I'll take a nap now.

Max Madson says:

LET'S HIT 10 000 LIKES !!

moreofawave says:

The frequency of a cats purr will heal you! <3 Don't know if that's true but I wish it was!

CortexAvery says:

Just an opinion : It's annoying !!

9thbrigade915 says:

leaves 1000th like

you're welcome

Trayfen O'Donnell says:

So close….980 Likes!!!! just 20 more!!!

Stefan Geranliev says:

the most powerful things on the planet

TheSaiyanRace Krieg says:

This is so Blissful

Sniffles says:

I love this sound like nothing else.

Christine says:

I miss my cats 😭

rodney adams says:

this sounds like snoring

Dana Matherton says:

Cannot thank you enough! Best, /ias/

Ernesto Bedoya says:

sounds like she is sleeping

Sophi Belle (Ramona) says:

I LOVE this, thank you. <3

InspiredbyMJJ says:

I am trying to introduce a new kitten (8 weeks) to my 2 1/2 yr old female cat. She is not very approving. I have been playing this purring for the kitty to help him sleep. I let the kitten out to explore the house a few times a day while "Poppy" is confined to my bedroom where she sleeps. At this point Poppy stills hisses, growls, and is very unhappy. So, they have separate rooms. This is stressing me out more than the cats. Please, any suggestions?

shuffles537 says:

This purr sounds exactly like my cat, so it's very comforting, thank you.

menslady125 says:

I love kitties.

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