Little cat drinking milk. Put special attention to her ears. I found this kitten when she was like a week old, she was at her dead brother side. I took her home so I could [More]
Funny clever Cats and Dogs. best ever Animal & Pet compilation, lots of non stop cute cat & dog clips, most Amazing Pet Tricks, agility & Talent, Pets. Animals, Wild, Fun, new. Kitty cat, Kittens, [More]
To license for use contact Vidman: Allan really likes his food! YUM YUM YUM NOM NOM NOM! At the time this video was posted, Allan had a twin bro named Edgar. Saddly, he [More]
Lion King in real life! ‘Like’ this video if you want more Vine Cats. Subscribe to our channel so you don’t miss new Vine Cats. Share with your friends on Facebook and Twitter 🙂 MEOW! [More]
Cute Cat Dancing and Sing Dog Dancing on Two Legs Pet and animal vine compilation – funny animals Funniest Animal Fails Compilation – Cute animal compilation Cuteness Overload: Cutest Puppies Ever Seen on Video Cute [More]
Presenting the first episode of this video series of Cute Compilation for the Year 2015. Do not forget to check our others by subscribing to our channel. Cats are most cutest and funniest creatures ever [More]
The adorable bond between parent and child Best Vines Funny Pitbull Compilation The Vines (Musical Group),Best Of The Vines (Musical Album),Compilation Album (Musical Genre),Pitbull (Music Video Performer),Best,Jonas,Brothers,Red,Frien­d,Nick,Moments,Kevin,Bull,Best Friend,dogs,pitbull,Dog,Carpet,Ever,dogg­y,Cute,Puppy,funny,Chihuahua,Playing,Com­edy,pet Funny Pitbull’s Vines Compilation 2015 Pitbull Dog [More]
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A cat was eating fly when viewing a cucumber behind 😀 . . . . . . . . . . . See : funny cats funny cat video funny cat youtube funny cat pictures [More]
A cheeky cat (Babe) lays in the dog’s bed! Doggy (Rudy) desperately trying to find a way to get the cat out of it! Pretty rediculus! Not a common cat vs dog video! Enjoy it!
Please visit: My mother said “You have The Garden of Eden there! ” LOL. Pit bull Sharky with bunny VS roomba cat Max-Arthur with guinea pig. They are a funny little group! … but [More]
This is my cat “puss” and my dog “Captain” doing their daily ritual.
We taught our cat Data (he yearns to be human) some tricks: in this video he does roll-over, shake/high-five, and stand, but he can also do lay down/sit. We’re still working on speak and twirl, [More]
This very smart cat does tricks like a dog. He loves his training a lot and can do much more than shown in this video – I will keep posting more vids of him. He [More]
my black cat looking for his favorite toy, a stuffed rabbit, that i threw in the laundry basket. For iPhone unlocking and jailbreaking tutorials visit
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Got bored…made this, the audio might be low for some so turn it up!

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