EP. 2 Beau takes his cat cam outside for the first time and visits the neighbour. He’s invited to play Ninja Cat with unexpected results. The cats now have their own video camera. Beau is [More]
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Video by Kraig Scattarella. Those last few kibbles might have gotten between Goliath and a clean escape. But after weeks of stealing food from a Gresham garage, the flabby tabby found himself stuck — head [More]
Funny Cat! ~ Cat Fail ~ Cat surprised with plastic bag . . . . Top Rating Cutest Cat in the World : TOP 10 BEST CAT VIDEOS OF ALL TIME! Cute Cats Demands Petting [More]
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PART 2 of “Goats Yelling Like Humans” right here http://youtu.be/AIFvFuZPr68 Keep reading RSVLTS.com for more super cut videos.
One chilly evening, the dog decided to steal the blanket from the cat perched on the back of the futon. (Notice the sigh of contentment upon mission completion.)
Our Anatolian Shepherd versus our Siamese Cat. Oh the joys of pet ownership.
ニトリのモチモチクッションに対する猫と犬の反応とは。 【blog http://ameblo.jp/nesuko2ne2si/entry-12144447824.html】 Subscribe to MAKO0MAKO0 Channel!: https://www.youtube.com/user/MAKO0MAK… ↑毎日動画を上げています。チャンネル登録で通知を受け取れます。 Follow MAKO0MAKO0 on Twitter!: https://twitter.com/mako0mako0neko Follow MAKO0MAKO0 on Vine!: https://vine.co/MAKO0MAKO0
The biggest shark to have EVER lived, is the Megalodon, a giant prehistoric shark and a legendary killer. Megalodon monster shark lives? 11 Biggest Sharks Caught https://youtu.be/xFzT3uf4p2g 9 ft Shark Eaten by Unknown Sea Creature [More]
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Chimpanzee Kid “Hjördis” live today with a chimpanzee family on “Öland’s Djurpark” in Sweden in a rescue rangers for chimpanzees. Thanks to its highly skilled staff at the zoo rescued “Hjördis” from his mother who [More]
If you would like to donate to Manitoba Mutts Dog Rescue in Winnipeg, MB please go to : http://manitobamutts.org/donate.html and hit DONATE! Our 6 month old lab mix rescue pup taught our 8 week old [More]
Shadow (or “Sriller” as she is called sometimes), our cat, is one of the smartest house cats I have ever seen. She is constantly studying human behavior, and always copying it. She is also one [More]
Compilation Video Genius Cat in The World! Smart Cat! . . . . Top Rating Cutest Cat in the World : TOP 10 BEST CAT VIDEOS OF ALL TIME! Cute Cats Demands Petting Compilation I [More]
Our Vine page: https://vine.co/waltersanti One day Santi was sneezing a lot and i filmed this before taking him to the vet. Those sneezes only lasted for one day, now he is okay. But still, he [More]
Cat Hunts down a bunny rabbit

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