3 New Cats Call Big Cat Rescue Home

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Meet our newest rescues of a serval named Zucari and 2 caracals named Cyrus and Chaos. Check out their story as we welcome them to Big Cat Rescue!!

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BIG CAT TV is a close look into our day-to-day operations, the conservation efforts we support, and the 100+ feline residents of “Big Cat Rescue” in Tampa, FL. USA. Big Cat Rescue is an educational non-breeding sanctuary and a registered non-profit 501c3 so your donations are tax deductible!

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Alverant says:

They look happier all ready!

padathir says:

Suugoiiii! 😀

Sweet Tea says:

Question: Do you have jaguars? I'm very curious about this.Its okay if you don't want to answer.

Alexis Grunden says:

Zucari, Cyrus, and Chaos, welcome to your new furever home <3 No more tiny cages, no more being exploited; just lots of healthy play, room to roam, and excellent care by people who love you (even if you hiss and spit at them). <3

Marilyn Newman says:

Man, one of those cats looks really pissed.

I think Servals have the cutest ears except the Caracal has those fantastic tassels.

Espurr Sky Tower says:

Cyrus Used SCRATCH!

Fearłess says:

Hi Big Cat Rescue I was wondering is this like a job or volunteer work type thing and how do you all find the money to support all your cats' needs?

zaimah Begum-Diamond says:

will Ohio change legislation on exotic breeding?

Impulse Burst says:

It's amazing to see their expressions upon arriving in their new homes. Zucari in particular just looked so happy to have all that wonderful space to live in, and the two Caracals appear to just love it as well. Seems like they all really calmed down after that, being in the carrier and especially the "breeding farm" must have been so stressful for them.

Lethargic Parvalbumin says:

What's the difference between a serval and a sergal?

g bridgman says:

How do you retrieve the carrying cases?

Yvonne Brown says:

Welcome home Zucari , Cyrus and Chaos.

KhatKat13 says:

I found this channel a couple days ago, and have been excitedly watching ever since. To see all the hard work you all are doing… it's made me tear up a few times. It just makes me so happy to see the animals in a place where they can be properly cared for when their natural home isn't an option. they have the room and food they need. And just the fact that you guys aren't using them to breed, makes me so much happier. Breeding for life in a cage isn't a good thing. If I ever can, I'm going to donate.

faith the wolf says:

the second one actually made me jump when it hissed lol

Eternitol siege says:

I want to know, what is the first cat species in the big cat rescue? (sorry if i'm rude or my bad english)

cygnia says:

<3 caracals. Not that I'd ever own one, but that answered my question about OH laws on that matter.

Accostrophe says:

I mean I do understand why people do it. Savannah's are big money. Don't F2s regularly go for 5 grand or more?

Live Life says:

What is a cat's favorite school subject? Hiss-tory!

Debra Bolton says:

Beauties! They will have a great home with Big Cat Rescue.

Awesome J says:

this is my cat🐱hi has no friends
1 like =1 friend
1sub=15 friends

Leah Johnson says:

Zucari is a sassy and pretty boy isn't he? I don't understand why people would keep them as pets especially hearing that hiss he emitted.. no thanks I'll stick to my little friendly tabbies.

Ian Anonymous says:

Wow the like to dislike ratio on this video is amazing good job

b zanon says:

any cat hissing is amazingly beautifull…

ItsRayyan ! says:

They Are So Cute!!!!!!!!!!

Artsy Seaotter says:

There so cue

Mahrey Murdur says:

will there be a video of them reuniting?

BloBlas123 says:

can someone explain me why bigger cats have round pupils and smaller cats these reptilian pupils ??

Silviu Dumitru says:

God, wish I lived in Florida or somewhere with a sanctuary so I can volunteer…

ThePalatineHill says:

were these pure bread serval and caracals or where they hybrids?

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