5 minutes of my cats being dumb and stupid


Daniel Tillotson says:

Monty used to actually play fetch. I always though he was a funny looking dog https://youtu.be/ART-2bCh0fc

ki ko says:


Bedgypooks says:

I think you're part of the problem.

Sans Undertale says:

Justin Y.???

Kyle Patrick says:

Don’t fucking bully them

Ultellen Nocnir says:

2:37 i love the triple take the kitten does and the light confused cat smack

7madonna7 says:

I dont like the name of this video 👎

A White Quail Called Quayuh says:

This cat is smarter than me 🙁

Alien says:

I lost it at 1:24

redbluemonday says:

Cats are the funniest creatures

forych51 says:


TogekissAngel468 says:

Recommended in dogs topic…hmm…

In all seriousness, this is a funny video!

Khan Gully says:

4:14 that's disgusting

StoneyBuds 420 says:

Pets take after their owners…

Megan Rene says:

Oh my goodness I love them.

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