7 Mistakes cat owners make

No matter how popular cats are due to their independence, caring for a cat is something that needs to be done correctly in order to avoid behavioral issues, as they need attention too. However, there are many people that don’t know how to care for a cat correctly, or make mistakes when doing so. This is why AnimalWised would like to show you these seven mistakes cat owners make, or many of them do, if not informed accordingly. Don’t miss out on this new cat video and discover if you’re making any of these mistakes when caring for your cat.

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lola brini says:

im the proud owner of 2 adorable kittens! ugh!!! love them 💖💖💖💖

Marc Law says:

Had cats and dogs all my life.Its really simple with cats,let them do their own thing and go outside.They will come to you when they want to.Mine have the best food but i do not over feed them.Play with them when they want to.

Mallory Derrick says:

I honestly start crying and think my cat doesn’t love me when she doesn’t sleep on my bed once. I miss my kitty when I leave her to go to my dads house (no there not divorced) The cat at my dads house just doesn’t love me like my cat at my moms house.

The cat at my moms house
1. Ends up sleeping on my bed every night when I’m there

2. Never leaves my room for anything but the needs

3. Trusts me (her claw was stuck and she didn’t freak out when I got close to her and got it out)

4. She comes to me when I hold my arms out

5. She sets her head on my arm

6. She is always rubbing on me and what ever I’m doing for more attention

Overall I love my cat and I miss her when I’m at my dads house

Tuxita99 says:

"If you want a trully loyal animal that will show you unconditional love, just get a dog" Excuse me, what? All of the +20 cats I've had disagree.
Cats also are really loyal animals and definately have lots of unconditional love to give, unlike popular opinion. It's just that people think cats are as submissive as a dog is and will get mad because the cat won't show love on the first 2 hours of ownership… Cats have stronger personalities, you have to own the cat's trust and cats will only love people who show them respect. And when you do, the cat will love forever and be really caring.
I usually think of dogs as human babies, and cats as human adults. More independent, but still caring and lovely.

Haliegh Summers says:

I have a cat…

Shydrasnake says:

8 weeks is the standard for adopting a kitten. Even that is early

Lauren Carroll says:

PLEASE DO NOT DECLAW YOUR CAT! Its like cutting off a persons fingers by the first knuckle. Cattos deserve better because they are sweet, loyal, affectionate and funny pets. Declawing a cat can cause very bad pain, temperment, litter pan avoidance and more. So please STOP delcawing cats.

kanzaki0001 says:


factinator33 says:

Bombay cats are the closest you can get to a dog I have a 20 lb black Bombay cat named Ziggy he comes when you call him he follows me around everywhere like a dog he's the most demanding cat I ever had but absolutely the best cat I've ever had very very very smart

derp kv2 says:

* A N G R Y P O U S S Y *

LUSCIOUS kollektibles says:

I don't own them. They're my kids. They're my family.

cat_ queen_yt says:

tofu kitten add…. ,the govemment

Baszva says:

Another mistake, giving them dry food.

TheSylphWind says:

How do you school a parent from ruining a cat?  When I lived at home I had a cat.  She was perfectly healthy if not a little fiesty.  I moved abroad and couldn't take her with me.  After I left her in my parents care they spayed and declawed her.  They barely play with her or let her go outside (she has a harness and leash for out door time).  They over feed her.  Under my care she got half a can of wet food every day, as much dry as she wanted, and the occassional treat.  Under their care she gets a full can of wet food every day, as much dry as she wants, handfulls (I mean a litteral handful) of miniture shrimp, as well as a small pile of cat treats daily.  The poor thing has ballooned up to the point where she can't even clean herself anymore and my parents refuse to give her a bath.  Last time I was home she just stayed hidden under furniture and woudn't come out; which according to my parents is now her normal behavior unless you feed her.  🙁  I feel bad for my former kitty, but I can't have pets where I live as well as the whole process to fly her to another country is prohibatitvly expensive.


I have a lot of cats and I know exactly how to take care of them All these in this I didn't do them

matma01 says:

Is this an anti-cat video?

President of the Virgin Islands says:

Plan for the day, let cat in let cat out, then repeat.

Caroline Lowe says:

No my black cat is a loyal cat

missclemjess2005 says:

Totally disagree with #1!!! That is/was not the case with my three cats!

rani khrisna says:

I fed all my cats in same portion like 1 cup of dry food a day. but why one of my cats is got fat? now 6 kilos / 13 lbs. he works out very well and not being lazy. If I tried to reduce the portion, he will eat my toes. If I change his food, he won't eat but not loose weight either. he never loose weight even though he is sick and not eating. I put him in outside with kittens so he has more room for exercise, but weight lost never happened. just the fat hardening.

Grisile HNNW says:

1:24 cutest kitten I found yet

Bella Katherman says:

i hate it when they refer to a neutered male as “castrated.” it just sounds so cruel

Larry Quisno says:

A lotta cats

Deeken Wheeler says:

Anyone know the breed of cat at 0:07? Thanks

Alex Gacha says:

i always play with my kitten

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