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Smart cat with a ball of foil roll actively brings it. Perhaps the cat thinks he’s a dog. Video: ________________________________________­­_______________________________________­_­_____________ Thank you for your viewing to the video. Sign up to watch new and [More]
Hi, Make sure to turn up your sound for this video! Mean Honey(white one) attacks Felix(at around 14 seconds) and guess what Felix does? Hope you Enjoy! -xCuteBunnyx These are my cats Honey and Felix(the [More]
Help your new kitten keep calm in their new house with four hours of relaxation music for cats and kittens! Relax My Cat are experts in creating relaxing music to help calm your cat and [More]
Little baby was tugging cats tail. Cat has enough and smacks him. The little boy was heart broken! BUT FREEKIN HILARIOUS!!
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‘A Day in the Life of a Cat Owner’ Do you ever think that Simon’s Cat reminds you of your own cat? Watch this collection to see the trials and tribulations of cat owner Simon [More]
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Angry Otter – Fuck You Too Any re-upload will be reported! All rights reserved. To subscribe Follow me on G+ : Like us on FaceBook: Video source: #animals fails #otterfails #otter [More]
This is a funny video compilation of animals and humans attempting fail jumps. Hope You will enjoy it please do subscribe for more cool videos FB: music: COPYRIGHT ISSUES: Our purpose, when making [More]
Music: Outliving The Enemy by Bankrupt. More funny videos: Cat attack compilation presented as a tournament. Size is not everything! cat attack dog fox bear aligator babysitter animal pet fun crazy weird amazing
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Beautiful Cats from around the world! Cute and exotic! check out my other videos: Laughing Cats and Dogs, Dancing Cats, and Singing Dogs & Cats. Delete ads if annoying. p.s. be kind to animals ….and [More]
another omg cat clip. don’t blame me! these two belong together!!!
When two hungry, vicious alligators emerge from the Bayou swamp, Mugsy the CAT, leaps into action to protect a boy from becoming their lunch. See for yourself… Check out Cat Saves Boy from Mad Dog: [More]

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