A homeless dog living in a trash pile gets rescued, and then does something amazing! Please share.

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Please make a small donation to Hope For Paws and help us start 2014 strong with many more rescues. A $5 donation from many people would make all the difference to so many animals: HopeForPaws.org


Alexis Mutz says:

Hope for paws you guys are the best organization

Ann Lockhart says:

o hope his lives the rest of her life happy

Ann Lockhart says:

that's so sad

Cheetah.io says:


Blocktopia8 says:

How are animals like that not noticed earlier?

Alisha Duncan says:

Its hard for me to see stuff like this because 1 when i adopted my dog she had scars on her but shes better now.2 My dog had pups and one on them got hit by a car right in front of me and i still miss sasy.

Natalia Guimarães Silva says:


ItzEmmaHereX says:

aw the puppies is so cute

Kid Flom says:

If u dislike this video,you r a jerk

Uma venugopal says:

I'm trying to raise funds to contribute to HOPE FOR PAWS ORG. PLEASE HELP ME : https://www.bonfire.com/hope-for-paws/

Monty Leverett says:

My last dog (that was my dog, not my nephew's or parents') was a lab-mutt that I found sitting on the roadside. I stopped, and after a minute, he jumped into my truck bed. I took him to the local vet, and after a few days, as he was healthy, but no one claimed him, he was mine. Duke was a true companion, and took on two adult coyotes to protect me, then didn't fight when I had to put him in the tack room overnight until we learned the coyotes weren't rabid. It's been more than 10 years since then, and I know he passed peacefully after I had to let a friend take him in when I moved, but I still miss him.

Jasmine Dampier says:

Frankie penis was out at the very end… hahhahah

Sherwin Agote says:

I'm gonna cry… thank goodness she's been rescued..

Allison Ling says:

I cried thank you for saving the dog and not leaving him in the trash pile

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