A New Hybrid Cat Arrives

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Meet our newest resident, Beacher the Savannah cat. His owner explains why these hybrids should not be kept as pets!

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Emanuel Theodorus says:

The owner's action unfortunateraly it's a bit too late. She would've sent Beacher to BCR before declawing it. But, glad she admitting mistakes and send Beacher to somewhere he could live forever.

SilentWolff says:

What a horrible owner. Declaws him, feeds him a horrible diet not made for Savannahs. Didnt do any homework to understand the breed or its needs. Disgusting.

Mr STFU says:

this filthy scumbag declawed the cat?

Nonya Bizz says:

These hybrids actually make amazing pets. I whole heartedly support Big Cat Rescue, and they are on a (short) list of charitable organizations I fully intend to support when I can, but…
Savannah cats are grossly misunderstood by many people, and people don't have the space for such a big animal with so much energy (we don't keep dogs couped up… they need to burn energy, so we walk/run them. But put a leash on a cat? Doesn't work for most!)
They aren't some "super predator." Rather than being aggressive, they are actually known for being quite sweet tempered, and even loving (and being entirely safe with) children.

The best reasons to not keep a Savannah are because of meeting their high-energy needs, and food/vet costs being much more than a normal cats, due to special needs. That said? They are a healthy, friendly breed, and while I am thrilled BCR is giving him a home, I can't help but be shocked that no one wanted to take him in.

Why was he a bad pet? It could be his personal nature. All cats have personalities, and some cats, even from friendly breeds, are mean. He could have been scared. Mistreated by the person who owned him before this woman. And he was declawed…. claws are a first line of defense for cats, and all other health issues aside, by declawing him, he was stressed out.
Sure, her story of him sounds like it was horrible to deal with…. but her story does not say why this breed should not be pets. It says, at best, that he was a scared, stressed, damaged cat who felt unsafe, and was the victim of whomever declawed him and owned him previously, leaving him so emotionally scarred… and at worst, that she didn't do the research she thinks she did in order to be a good pet owner (as a diet of meow mix makes me think this could strongly be the case!)
Likely, both.

I'm happy he is safe and secure, but I'm… frustrated that BCR is using him, and the people who simply DO NOT KNOW how to care for cats like him, as a way to push the idea that Savannahs should not be pets, or that, by extension, their breed should not even exist.
He's home now. He's beautiful, and hopefully happy. I have no doubt the wonderful people of BCR will make sure he has a long, good life. But I do wish BCR didn't openly demonize people who would want to make a cat like him a pet.

cminmd0041 says:

He wants to be outside, he wants to be a wild animal! And this is a half domestic cat!!


Honestly ALL cats should be eating a raw diet, even domestic house cats,they still have the same digestive system as their wild ancestors. My 9 cats are all on a raw diet,and my dog.

Alec Aquino says:

I feel for the previous owner. You could tell that she really loved Beacher but didn't know how to properly take care of the poor boy. At least she was kind and decent enough to suck up her pride and take him to a nice place for him to live and thrive.

Fishhunter2014 says:

Why anyone would want an s1 hybrid animal is beyond me.

Fibi FanaticFanGurl says:

He’s absolutely stunning and the natural environment suits him well

NetherStray says:

Major props to that lady for being humble enough to bring him in and give him up rather than try to sweep it under the rug.

Pandabatman9 says:

Whats the background music called?

Probably RaJir says:

Massive props to Beacher's previous owner though for giving him to you and (presumably) allowing you to film her and her story as a precaution

Pia Mia says:

Don’t be mad on the woman! She died great bringing him in.

moriart13 says:

dumbass gave away $10k cat

Kristythepistol says:

Why some people don't have simple common sense baffles me! WILD animals are WILD, not pets!! Pretty easy logic.

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