A Very Happy Yule Log

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Spend Christmas by the fireside with Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. Enjoy the glow of the yule log, along with holiday music and a very Happy Cat and Dog!


Susan Chojnacki says:

I love them …they need some more treats please

scott68fl says:

I love this video…

Toni Haddock says:

they don't look all that happy

Steven Hoelderich says:

Here Kitty, Kitty Kitty,Kitty

Steven Hoelderich says:

Hiya pooch, how is going?

tabasco14 says:


Carol Weaver says:

This is sure Christmas! Lovely! TY and Blessings

DoubleDogDare54 says:

Love the music. Thank you!

On another note, my dogs would have treed that cat and ripped the Christmas tree down to get to Kitty. Presents and decorations would have been flying in every direction.

 They would have destroyed the place.

Marni Newhouse says:

love when the cat gets ticked at the dog. Swats at the dog and hisses. Gave me a good laugh! Starting at 54:57 hahaha

M.J. Leger says:

This is absolutely the best site ever, the fireplace, the animals are the best! THANK YOU for providing it, I love it to pieces!  You don't just listen, you WATCH!

Daniel Parker says:

Wonderful! Thank you Hallmark!

Lisa Bushy says:

Used this in my class of 3 year olds to set a Christmas mood – perfect! Beautiful to look at and they LOVED seeing the animals go in and out of the screen

Dnay F says:

oh Ralphie! Very Merry Christmas to all – :)

Teresa Poteet says:

Thank you, I have really enjoyed your work.

Pikku Tipuliini says:

That Dog looks like my dog. My dog is Parsonrusselterrierr (Sorry my English)

Bluebell Tarot says:


sunshinenblues says:

i'm afraid there's something they are scared of in the room, that keeps them contained and curious. then they are allowed to leave the room, and someone starts to film them, editing their actions.

tiia Lähde says:


Mark Ravencross says:

sweet.Love everything Hallmark!Merry Christmas to ALL soon,2016.

ironguts kelly 4077 says:

THX for your hard work on your vids,,, Merry Christmas EVERYONE,,, and a warm & Heartfelt Happy New Year :-)

virginia leyendecker says:

We all need more like this!! Well done! That fresh kitty looks just like mine

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