Amazing Cat Tricks by Kaiser the Bengal

Kaiser the Bengal cat performs amazing tricks. All of Kaiser’s training is done with the use of Progressive Reinforcement and the clicker.

Click the link below to watch Kaiser’s new trick video:

Visit Kaiser’s official website:

Kaiser’s blog:


TheOreoClassic says:

A cat wanting to please its owner? I am so surprised

Cannonika TFM says:

Kaiser is Sweet :*

Tiago Bruno Castro says:

Perfect for doing movies!

Gaming Proz says:

That cat is SSSSOOOO talented

lps productions says:

So cute!

Alicia D says:

my bengal wont eat treats, is there a way to train them without treats? He will fetch, and jump on my back on command but i can't get him to do much else.. he is 4 years old, an F3.. pretty wild.

iman ain maisarah says:

how can i teach my cat

Yabbe baby says:

i have a lot of quection about ,,,,, HHHHOOOOWWWW ???

Vicente Costa says:

i love kaizer end your tricks

hardenednipple93 says:

This cat is massively underrated, love him.

CatnipandBones says:

I'm in awe! Kaiser is a very smart kitty! I'd love to teach my Siamese some of these tricks but, I don't know if I have the patience. 😉 But, it might be worth trying. Of course, at the moment, he runs to hide whenever someone he doesn't know really well comes over. So, I wouldn't have someone else there to catch all of his fantastic tricks on video! 🙂 Thanks for making me smile! I'm sharing!

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