AMAZING! PitBull, Cat & Chicks! “I Want You to Want Me”

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My favorite moments of my Dog and Cat! PitBull Sharky and snowshoe Max-Arthur with Chicks!!! They just are so mega Adorable!! 😉

PitBull + SnowShoe(Siamese) + Chicks = LOVE ♥

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Sharky, Max & Chicks

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Music /used to be: Cheap Trick ” I Want You to Want Me “
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This video took me 2 weeks to make. Different clips and different days and every day working on it….

Nice Story about American Pit Bull Terriers:


tall32guy says:

cute and funny kitteh. love the look on him when the chicks are with him. 🙂

Em Mikaela says:

I love that dog! He's such a sweetie.

Jermaine Blalock says:

A preview of Heave. All in peace and harmony

Thefaceoftheword says:

so cute lol

szaki says:

Dog and cat must be on drug or something!

sylvie tissot says:

ma staff aime tous les animaux, chats, lapins, même les hérissons. ce sont de bons chiens.😍😍

Ice Inducer says:

annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd after recording all of the chicks were eaten, killed and swiped by the Cat and Pitbull. Come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop pretending that 3 of them were friendly. Cat and dogs are Predators, plus Chicks is food to predators. Learn how to recognize your pet behavior

James French says:

Beautiful cat.

Animalia says:

the food chain

Faiza Nawaz says:

your pets are so cute.i love the dog and the chicks.

DieFlabbergast says:

These animals have obviously been brainwashed! They think food comes only in cans or packets! Let's hope no other cat gets to see this video – that Siamese-looking cat could get thrown out of the club!

Lycanthromancer says:

Oh god! A pitbull! So vicious!


Tee H says:

Ah just got outta jail and ah aint go'n back! Ah aint go'n back…Sharky.

Joe Ng says:

Harmony! long live Sharky !


meow meow meow meow
i want chicken i want liver
meow mix meow mix
please deliver
throw me a fricken booNE!!! here
i am the bosss
i need the INFOO…..

Shin Uchiha says:

haha such cute animals 😀

Muggs Productions says:

Very cute video. My dog loves to "clean" the Guinea Pigs. Link to the video below

Carol Poluan says:

Heaven on earth Part 2 🙂

Juan Martin says:

these have to be the friendliest cat & dog I've ever seen the dog loves the cat & the cat loves birds wtf smh but LOL

hgjhkl says:

It seems all wrong, but feels so right

Angela Cash says:

The carnivores in this household are pretty chill.

Петр Орлов says:

какой прекрасный мир!

Chad Stone says:

good owners that's a good dog

Yury Rudakouski says:


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