AMEOW-ZING 50 Box Cat Maze!

50 boxes + 2 cats = LOTS of FUN! 🙂

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I love cats! Cole and Marmalade are both rescued cats, I’ve been making cat videos since 2008, we do our best to entertain as well as educate… We aim to make a pawsitive difference in the world, we hope you can follow us on this purrfect journey 🙂

Music – You Do It Just For Fun (Instrumental) – Epidemic Music


Cole and Marmalade says:

Fur daily clips, vlogs, cat rescue work and more check out our second channel:

Mily Martínez says:

the black cat is the loser and the Tiger is the winner 😋😋😋🎃🎁🎀🏀🐱🐈

Cristhel Ochoa huaman says:

😱😱son bien tramposos esos tus gatos

Chandran C M says:

superb! what a worst idea.

Life with Tellie says:

That's so awesome' your very creative with them. Love it

Liron Davidov says:


Hoopa & Rayquaza Girl Challenges says:


Gessica Merida says:


Rascal Kitty says:

Should’ve turned the boxes the other

Juancamilo Villami says:

A blen español porfavor

Rekha Raj says:


Sinekaew Nualprasertsuk says:

Vhf bbbb C.

gil wood says:

Smart, caring people can be a cats best servant !

FireHector72 says:

Minotaurus cats

Thi Sau ha says:

Mê cung kiểu gì vậy hổng hay chút nào No

สมจิตร คิดดี says:

It's so cute

Jonny Delaney says:

a-Maze-ing work!

Alma Perez says:

You're cat's at so good

Parimala Raghavapudi says:

Titanic vs the

Emilio Amarilla says:


David Tarnalicki says:

I think u need to get taller boxes

Liberto Alva says:

Que vídeo tan curioso

Биотриса Биотрисы says:

Кошки рулют

Marta Lucia Sucerquia Henao says:

Yes tenkiuu

Brizally R. Rodriguez Q. says:

Alguien español 😶

kamila krzysztoforska says:

I love kittens

Vince Govianni says:

Things unemployed people do.

Mihael ILIN says:

I love your vids please keep doing more you entertain me so much since I have a cat to thank you 🙏 for your vids

Kat K says:

You have some of the most spoiled cats on the planet, and I approve entirely 😀

Matthew Hoad says:

The cats literally beat the system in this video XD

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