Angry Cat Videos – Angry Cats Compilation

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Content description:Angry Cat Videos – Angry Cats Compilation
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Ashu Arya says:

All these cute little Cats needs a Baseball Bat Therapy instantly 😇😇😇😇😇

Marie Jane says:

Angry and fighting cats make me sad.

King says:

i really do hate cats. god they are awful animals.

Simoneli says:


biggest fan says:

My cat bit my nose when i was sleeping

i am pro says:

In croatia cats is not aggresive to people this cats is aggresive and angry

gina amagina says:

amazing, i lilke it

Merri Bayarena says:

Poor poor kitties….humans laughing at cats anger, humans teasing cats to get an angry reaction they can record, humans who should help and/or protect these creatures that are helpless….some humans are worthless. These poor animals feel anger, pain, sadness, fear, hunger, etc., etc., etc. Why can’t we treat them better instead of antagonising them or torturing them or being mean to them? Poor innocent little things.

James Smith says:

A lot of pissed off pussycats

Felix Brown says:

These cats have NOTHING on Burger And Fries.

Saya Catlover says:

Lucu kucingnya, i love cats

Muhd Haqimi says:

1:23 is funny..

Andrea Lee says:

My cat is so chill compared to these cats

lovingmommyto3cats says:

Some of these the owners were antagonizing the cats…I wonder how many of them are declawed? A lot of cats that are declawed are biters and have behavioral issues. Notice I said, a lot, not all! I know all of them have issues, but many do.

Sonia Mohand says:

Comme ces marrants s'énerver les chats ou de voir en spectacle des chats qui se battent. 😒
N'allez pas pleurer après des coup de griffes et des morsures.

Onur UYSAL says:

3:29 : I love youuu
3:31 : Nooo

Mike Clinton says:

Anger cats for angry people

mattbod says:

most of these are morons tormenting the cats. I have never seen a cat be furiously aggressive: maybe a half hearted swat or hiss.

Renate Johansen says:

Luke laik ivel catt hes hellllll 😁

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