Animals Can Be Jerks Compilation

Animals Can Be Jerks – Best Funny Compilation!
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mark gessner says:

LOVE cats. They make great fur hats! Not as tasty as dogs mind you. & their fangs make a badass hat band.

truth matters says:

those catbirds are mean, noisy, and real jerks. we would watch them dive bomb cats, and they can do harm.

JD GOT says:

I felt mad for the praying mantis.

Rebecca Stevenson says:

Oh no 🤦‍♂️ look 👀 out little mouse 🐭

of2light says:

Where the fuck’s the monkey messin’ with the lion???????????

William Smith says:

Get it kitty cat

Lufillo Lupillo Bu says:

CATS are absolutely BASTARDS!

Ro.B Marines says:

Someone shared this video with me and it was a terrible video. Do these animal owners really find their animals killing other animals and insects funny? How far will you take it to get a good laugh. It was in their power to stop their animals from killing. What a sad life they must lead to find this amusing.

Abigail Olson says:

I don’t blame the cat if the raccoon was trying to hump it

Future Mods at 144p says:

Disliked for clickbait, though funny video

Thomas Fields says:

Monkeys are so much like us.

Thomas Fields says:

Monkeys are so much like us.

Joyce Bigley says:

I am kinda disappointed because I really wanted yo see the baboon whack that lion with that big ol' stick. That's why I watched it

Bertoboy41 says:

Where I live raccons eat feal kittens

John James Ronaldson says:

notice how most of the jerks are cats

Laure Darnaudet says:

5:40 Bruce LEE ++

Fact Ckzone says:

Omitting the monkey hitting the lion with a stick is a cheap ploy to get viewers. I stopped watching after reading the comments. I hate click bait and would like to see anybody employing click bait improperly to be heavily fined! Corporal punishment would also be a plus!

Ohio Against The World says:

yeah I've never in my life seen a praying mantis with giant wings….

Gösta Reinhardt says:

Usually these kinds of videos have horrid clickbait thumbnails but this one's wins the day. =D

Chambre Noir says:

0:39 눈만 마주쳤을 뿐인데…

Orc Man says:

Why do people think it is cute when a cat swipes at a dog? IT'S NOT!!!!! Cats have claws people!! Claws that are designed to do maximum damage. Let a cat swipe at your face sometime and tell me how cute it is . . . .

Carl The Brit in The Philippines says:

Hey that was great, excellent video… Carl

vpr max says:

I wanted to see a monkey hitting a lion with a stick 😒

Vivid Design Studio says:

That's blatant dishonesty….no chimp…no lion….I'd NEVER subscibe to this channel

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