Animals screaming and making funny noises – Funny animal sound compilation PART 2

Watch this funny cat video and you will never leave your cat home alone again :p

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PurpleFox Girl says:

If you took the music out of it would be better and i would sub

Laila&wyatt&brody&hunter Family 4 says:

0:28 it sounds like Donald Duck

Kino says:


Practical Warrior says:

1:20 gremlin cat

Dianne Angelica Diso says:

Haasofunny dog

hitmontop16 says:

That sheep burping…

Gavin Serdeña says:

1:06 war flash back. Salute for our brave cat soldier.

Dylan Rampy says:

Is the funny one

Eddo Gamer says:


Remberance the pepe says:

wat ahm iye dowing with miye liyef iem sow braon ded that iye can spell prople, and i play minecraft i wish i ws a kid again so ic cam live alife.

Suhas Badiger Official says:

#1 like a boss

Miguel razo gaming razo says:

0:25 😂😂😂 gagaga…..gagagaga

Ricardo Zhang says:

I only found this phone on the grand when I arrived at the scene

Pablo Rocha says:

Why does the cat at 1:21 sounded like a car lol


That horse 😂

LifeAsDanielle says:

At 0:24 the dog sounds like Donald duck

The DJ Channel M&C says:

I died at 0:19 😂😂

Lyrina Chara says:

…Those were not happy kitties…

Gamers Thug life says:

0:15 cluck cluck cluck like ugandan knuckles

Emeil McDonald says:

Damn horse. Get that jaw checked

Angelo Maganas says:

1 like = hepling these poor animals

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