Babies and dogs take each other for a walk – Funny and cute compilation

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Haha so cute and funny how babies take dogs for a walk, but even funnier when dogs take babies for a walk 😛 Hope you like our compilation, please share it and SUBSCRIBE! Watch also our other videos!

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hola hola says:

yo tengo un pero chico es rasa esnauser y freishpull que se sube solo a la Cariola de mis bebe tengo nueve anos

Fernanda Miranda Anjos Anjos says:

Boa gosto!

Madison Jenkins Jenkins says:

SO CUTE!!! The toddlers are the cutest!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pooja chauhan says:

I like it

Agnes Katwela says:

Nice kkkkkk

bounty le tallec says:

j'aime pas les gosses il me colle la gerbe

Vanesitapañales Vane4284 says:

están tierno

‫عدل كلامك الساعدية كدامك رقية‬‎ says:


vdxhtx bgfc (Grixer) says:

1:10 this shirt is not appropriate for a baby girl just saying

Memory Chitiyo says:

this z sweet

Clara Carpentier says:

late the vid actually looks like heavil{ tmart travel ! !

Spanglish Channel TV says:

Very cute and funny videos

‫فديت قزومتي‬‎ says:


glory petergx!pvvcxxxz so I'm new acquaintances says:

very funny.

‫ازهر نزار‬‎ says:


UncleDexTV says:

nice video.

salma rh says:

Realy cute

battlefeild dominator says:

fuck you pampers and your itchy ass diapers

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