Baby Gorilla Kajolu-Mother Baghira-Father Rututu – Chimpanzee Willy Munich Zoo – Tierpark Hellabrunn


Abu Bakar says:


James Mason says:

Not only do gorillas remember other gorillas, but they recognize and remember people also. They even remember their names. I used to be a regular at the gorilla display in San Francisco. Now I go back just once a year. The gorillas know me and will go to the window to see me. The ones born after I left ignore me!

Teri Abramovic says:

That Gorilla baby is wayyy to cute!!!! Gorilla`s and humans are so much alike, when it comes to them being a mom. I wish i could take that little guy home!

Connie Boles says:

now remembering is awesome.. 🙂 I wouldn't have thought so.. wow

gorillafan100 says:

Baby Gorilla Kajolu, will he always remember by smell and looks who his mother is even when he gets older? What about a baby gorilla that the mother rejects, will he remember the humans that fed them, played with them, cleaned them, will they remember the humans?

Jorge Carapina says:

eita bicho feio kkkkkk

Abdulrahim Yusuf says:

the baby i a bogy guard

Just Wondering says:

sweet baby….very curious!!

Keith Duncan says:

The baby is growing up fast.

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