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While cats are known for chasing after birds, it’s the cutest thing watch them getting along! This baby owl appears extremely relaxed around the curious cat who just wants to hang out with it! Getting these two very different animals together must be adorable to watch every time!

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Adam NotTelling says:

Owls are totally cats with wings.

toicat says:

Neat to see the interaction from different species, but I think that the owl is just tolerating the cat, more than seeking a friend.

Actual Cancer says:

0:00 that is not real owl ):14 oh.

Megpoid Gumi says:

My cat is too rambunctious and wild, I doubt getting him a real Owl is a good idea.

Lizzy Troy says:

Unpopular theory: the cat was trying to remember what temperature the oven needed to be set for.

Siodenesse L. says:

The owl be like ಠิ益ಠิ

001GenLee says:

The cat is very curious as to what the owl is thinking.

Fussion Lynx says:

the owl just wants to get the fuk out of there

Dankwart Denkhardt says:

the owl looks a bit like  a cat.

Bruno Demian says:

The levels of cuteness..

RobotSammyTheSupreme!The true evil lord! Sammy says:

what species of owl is that? do they stay almost that small? I want one!

GODZILLA 7897 ZILLA 6789 says:

the owl looks annoyed

Sally Car says:

he has to live not in a house damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tony pino says:

Wouw super leuk Goed weekend

JavTheNoob says:

The owl and the pussycat went to sea in a beautiful pea green boat.

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