Badass cats – Funny cat Compilation 2017



where is the batcat 😑😑😑😑

ARMY-L Forever says:

First cat: OOOOOoooohhh motherfuckin bitch head ass lookin motherfucking bitch ass ugly cunt you lucky I didn't hit your ass
Second cat: MAAAAAAAANN you ain't gon' do shit

caths kitten says:

Then the assholeΒ who shoots the elastic at the kitten.Β  WTF…. people are shitheads.

caths kitten says:

Dumbass who lets that cat go for the candle which can burn its paw.. then acts surprised when the cat knocks the candle over.

ZackAttack_5 says:


ZackAttack_5 says:

1:31 that laugh…

Annatar says:

0:42 bitch got rekt

Diane Kershaw says:

Aww, I felt for the kitten falling down them stairs, I would have shot up if I could to at least brace some of its fall.

Rachel Cuellar says:


εΊ§θ–¬ says:

Nes(ζ₯΅ι“) is NOT MOTHER GIRL. so about one million years girl ? Like a mother set full face to the Cat. It's power push to all of head. Nes(ζ₯΅ι“) did.
Can watch power pushing to the Cat once this movie. and Not power pushing but man Nes touch the Cat (Drug addict cat?) can watch too. Other, can watch to γͺγΆγ‚‰γ‚ŒδΈ­ the Cat too.

Everybody let's watch ! let's angry !!

Simon Dunn says:

All cats are badass !

Defiler says:

Fucking shit I came here for the Bat Cat another click-bait bullshit

Prussia Tamer says:

4:46 that cat just goes down slowly with a derp face omfg

Tepadj says:

1:45 Could have been funny if cat has bitten that mucin filled skin and got a mouthfull of slimy jelly. And cats living in constant pain are always so funny 10:04.

Jose Rodriguez says:

This is funny.

Growlie26 says:

What was going on with the bear? I didn't see the cat.

Christian Langley says:

half of these cats aren't badass they are getting punked out and what's with the bear climbing the patio vid?

TheBoochachos says:

That last part was savage!

Fast Fords 1973 says:

9.57 What witchcraft is this I must destroy it!

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