Battle at Kruger

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Winner! YouTube’s Best Eyewitness Video.

A battle between a pride of lions, a herd of buffalo, and 2 crocodiles at a watering hole in South Africa’s Kruger National Park while on safari.

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Featured on National Geographic, Animal Planet, ABC, NBC, and MSNBC!


Ellen Singo says:

Animals such as elephants are lore or less of human beings in character.They are able to take care of their young ones can teach them a variety of skills are also able to protect their babies from enemies

William Moore says:

King of Beasts my ass. Chased away by a bunch of cows, after getting beat by a reptile.

beccabunny09 says:

There's no way that calf survived this ordeal it might have walked off then but it probably died 20 minutes after the adrenaline wore off. A 6 foot croc has a bite force of over 800lbs. That croc looked almost twice that which would put it at over two tons of bite force. Even if the calf was uninsured enough to walk it most definitely has internal bleeding and enough lacerations to give it some massive infections within a week.

Randy Bailin says:

Those buffalo sure took their time getting back. The baby re-joins the herd and says: "Dudes, what the fuck?"

John Raymond says:

I want to buy calf a beer


What's happen with the calf later, is he alived?

Yeast 232 says:

This video proves lions are just like bullies they'll target someone a lot weaker than they are in this case the baffalo calf but then when outnumbered by another group (the buffalo herd) they run and cower like little bitches 😂

jurassic pals 2000 says:

crocodile: sike thats the wrong number

theamblingalp says:

the video that every vegan should see

Edgar Manuel Juarez says:

If only humans….

Lions=Trump and his government
Buffalos=Progressive liberals

Edgar Manuel Juarez says:

You dissapoint me mother nature! Things souldn't be this way!!

Bruno Leal says:

WTF?????? HOW IS THE CALF STILL ALIVE??? I need explanation on that nature, just how? Oo

Andrew Bochicchio says:

Anybody else find that pessimistic lady talking to be tremendously annoying?

2k says:

the young buffalo be like to his kids,
I survived while I was between the jaws of lions and crocodiles…
his kids: "yeah right"

Buween says:

Anyone else watching this 2017? and wondering how the hell 70mil watches

Maroonostrich says:

just when the buffalo is thinking 'well things can't get any worse….'

Ray van der Linde says:

Incredible every time I watch this.

stoneeh says:

This video is the single most convincing proof how shitty group psychology in mammals is. All it ever does is make a big mess out of things and turn everything to shit.

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