Bengal Cat Attack, Loki vs Lucky, Bengal Cat vs Dalmatian Dog, EPIC

Best friends Loki and Lucky having fun.

Date: 25/11/15

Location: North west UK

Owner: Debbie

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Katlyn C-M says:

THEY ARE SO CUTE! A spotted cat and spotted dog, lol. I've always loved Bengals but have never seen one in person. I have never seen a Dalmatian in person either. People say Bengal's are a lot of work and Dalmatians are actually aggressive dogs. But it obviously depends on the owner. Like Pit bulls are great dogs but all of a sudden they're accused as being bad dogs because of stupid owners. Its not the dogs fault.

Loki The Bengal Cat says:

Hi yes Lucky is a gentle giant, we got him as a 12mth old from a family that no longer wanted him. He is now 2yrs old and is a great companion for our 5 male cats. We couldn't of asked for a more gentle loving dog he,s a star.

Lee Williams says:

Very cute. They have a great relationship. Lucky has incredible bite inhibition!

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