Bengal Cat Attacks Jack Russell Terrier, HD VIDEO


RStaR RaptoR says:

hahaha cute!!! but that cat actually has some tiger in it!!!!

Miguel M. R. M. says:

Que guapo y que cabrón. Siempre están retando.

sirgalahad777 says:

This cat knows martial arts.

Ronnie Smith says:

Great video, and your pets are beautiful!

topdog25608 says:

That was no attack. These animals are playing with each other. Probably live in the same household.

kevin kalls says:

Pore dog lol!

Faisal Fsl says:

little tiger

BeebsBonanza says:

+ZodeakUrganomix  Ummmmm, no. Bengal cats have lots of energy that needs to be expended, which is why you cant just have them cooped up in a house to be a nice little lap cat. They need to be played with daily and even walked. I doubt you met its needs

Kayso Freeto says:

nice looking cat, ugly dog

EEN9B says:

I'm sure this is playing.


That Roaming Cat is an ahole..Dog could have rip his face off but is not agressive.. Roaming Cats are a big problem in most USA cities..they kill Songbirds and Chipmunks that control the insects..while spreading parasites in their shit..see

Jexcis V. “Papillon” Castrillon B. says:

the cat had that crazy look in his eyes! jajajajaja! the dog was like "hey what are you up to?"

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