bengal cat talking to her kitten – ORIGINAL

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Check our our NEW TALKING cat video!!! Link: Check out our NEW TALKING CAT VIDEO!!! LINK:

so cute if anyone wants to see these kittens all grown up please visit: & the kittens page 🙂 x

You can see more of these kittens here:

and here:

*Someone has stole my video! Who does that??*


Will Harling says:

soooooooooooooo cute


Just beautiful 🙂

Andromeda Miller says:

"Get out of the box."

"But moooooooom.."

Lia Lemus says:

she said
'c0me out' 1:02

PKSlowpoke says:

AWWWWWW!!! That's adorable!

Liliana Montana says:

CAT:miau person: miau CAT: miau person miau CAT: dont paing atención

Simge Hamzaoğulları says:

i want to cryyy 🙁 this is sooo cuteee ^^

onalenna molapisi says:

I bet the conversation is,"Mom how do i get out of this thing?". MOM:No you stay in there,you are grounded."
Kitten: Grounded my foot,im getting out" lol

Matti Alanen says:

Very subtle, but firm mother. My Boss has the same cat and definitely owns the situation (total mother control).

Theo Lubbe says:

This video almost made me grow manveries.

Nysythic says:

It looks like she's trying to encourage the kitten to climb out on his own.

Vathana Tep says:

You know what internet need of more?, cat videos

Kitten TV says:

I wish they could stay that small forever!

JooniPandaBro says:

*died from cuteness overload*

thalonelygirl says:

Oh what a good mommy!

abbey roberts says:

because the cat is talking to her kitten what is she saying? ; lol

Parma Angelo says:

Sooo adorable. Love those Bengalese felines! (I own Pitbulls and can't have cats, and am also allergic. 🙂 But if I could, I would want these!!!

CHenruyCH says:

Kitten ur drunk go home

forestchurch says:

your bengal cat video is so wonderful ! I hope all the cats in the world have a warm and nice home !

Peace0MamaCas says:

It's so funny that for the most part cats only meow at their babies, and at humans. They don't really meow at each other. They must think we're babies!

Zoe EPICFACE says:

aww they are so cute 😀 I wish I had bengal kittens

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