Bengal cat trick – The Pedestal / The Hand stand trick

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Mystic the Bengal showing trick called hand-stand
Looks very simple, but actually it took about 3 weeks when he started stepping on my hand with his back paw. Firstly he trusted only a paw and after some days of practicing he started stepping with both paws. (success :D)

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Heart Star says:

This is cool
My cat would be more scared

ESTKingHD K says:

He/she didn't do anything he/she just walked on owner's hands and sit there?????

Living room Leopards Cattery says:

He's amazing! I'm also teaching my Bengal kitten and Savannah to do tricks. They both play fetch, jump through the ring, from chair to chair, High 5 and jump on my back. Trying to get them to jump into my arms but dont really know how to .

Living room Leopards Cattery says:

Awe he's such a sweet smart babydoll 😻 Love him 💕

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