Best Babies and Animals Compilation 2013

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Funny babies and animals being adorable together

Puppies & Babies & Kitties OH MY! New videos all the time!

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JakeePlayzz says:

is 1:26 a Doberman??

anouk nouki says:

zo cut 😍

Ghoul demon Fire says:

Mine 😎😎

Ghoul demon Fire says:

That girls is is like hell no it's my kitty you ain't gonna touch my kitty bruh😎😎😎

Ghoul demon Fire says:


Ghoul demon Fire says:

+water drop cat studios they are deadly because when there young there mothers teach them to hunt by there selfs so yeah your half correct because that lion could be caught in the wild when it was first born so they probly trained so it can be a friendly tiger😌😌😌

Ghoul demon Fire says:

Wouldn't it hurt the baby when the animals are in them😐😐😐😐😐😑😑😑

Jennifer Drew says:

these were all really cute

Boxer.Rex says:

This is FUNNY:

Emil C says:

Can anyone tell me what type of breed the dog is in the thumbnail ?

Sofia Villa says:

deja. eso

WaterDropCat studios says:

I know lion cubs may seem deadly, but COME ON! It's prob to young to even have teeth yet!

‫منوعات تي في- Munnaw3at tv‬‎ says:

17million views !?

Joy gsu says:


Brown Mamba says:

The first one is like: "Dream healing powers, GO!!!"

‫ا Hhahad‬‎ says:


Perdue Queen Gatea says:

The dog tucking in the baby was nice But a Doberman with a baby not okay May 2016

Shivani 1006 says:

0:02 Hush child hush…or i'll eat you up like I did to the last baby…

Gabriel Turek says:

02:10 Cintra lion?

Kacey Reading says:

there was a lion after the chimpanzee

50shadesofpooot says:

the last gurl is like " Shhh don't talk to me, I'm in my happy place."

mark redila says:


Larissa Vorwerk says:



muito lindo amei todos Bommm diaaa

bamboo shoe you says:

you are interested in the future of our baby is doing well in your browser

Denise Tanguilig says:

1:26 WTH a Doberman?! Near a baby?!

David Thaler says:

1:16. That cat is definitely suckin' the breath outta that baby; the myth is real. And yes, that was a very young lion cub with the toddler.

Saraya Coleman says:

the girl holding the cat was adorable 😻

Saraya Coleman says:

the girl holding the cat was adorable 😻

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