Best Cat Video Ever

The Best Cat Video Ever…Lulu the Dramatic Cat and her brother Mylo sing along to “Criminal” by Peter Toh.


Solo Frazier says:

When I was a kid. 🙂 I watched this….

Hudika Afzal says:

what's the name of the song?

Cynthia Alejandro says:

this is the best movie cat

Jasium says:

i want YT link for this music!!

Megan McIntyre says:

made me chuckle

Luke Halili says:

nice videos

TJ killz Dam says:

isnt Du Er Den danish?

Carissa Coover says:

i loved it i watched it forever

otherworldtrader1 says:

It's a fact people worldwide eat cat and dogs. In some countryies it;'s the differecne between starving or eating. If yuo have ever eaten chinese it is likel;y yuo have eaten czat and dog go go screw yourself

otherworldtrader1 says:

are all steelers fans queer like you

BigMan38798 says:


otherworldtrader1 says:

I was seeking vdeos "Hellbillies – Du Er Den" and here comes this dam stupid cat video. The only cat I care for is the one on my chinese cooks diner list.

KNKstolemyheart says:

i could tell he was just yawning but it blew my mind and i loved it

Nacho ATX says:

to be a classic…
~Bizarro (=^.^=)

Markactyon says:

@rap000man hiddentracktv2 is the same organation

RapMan rap000man says:

stolen from hiddentracktv2! /watch?v=H4rXDTHqD_k&feature=channel_video_title

tyebillion says:

It's not the best cat video ever and you know it.

Pirate Ziggy says:

it was not the best but very coooooool

Alyssa Oburn says:

This is so so so funny! And sweet!

thauany29 says:

cat's play!

Marinela Mitrovic says:

i love cats

Christian says:


josh71111 says:

@StupidityWalks criminal by peter toh

tlcoffer says:

Thumbs up if this is now your fav song

Ioan says:

Awesome video

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