Best Of Funny Cats And Dogs Protecting Babies Compilation 2014 [NEW]

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Did you see a dog that protects a baby? Or a cat that protects a baby?. Dogs protecting babies or cats protecting babies is a reality. Check out this cats and dogs protecting babies compilation.


Josef Nagy says:

If I´d had a cat cuddling with me when I was a baby, I would probably have become a better man, though I'm not bad at all, but anyway…

My love pet's says:


에스퍼맨 says:


K-Pop Love says:

That parrot at the end

BigDreamer Brin says:

omg this is the most cutiest video ive seen😍😍😄

Connor Shifflette says:

1:48 i bet he or she's like "oh come on i just put the baby to sleep".

Maria Cardona says:


I Love Dogs says:

I am just a genuine actual housecat

Leon The Liger says:

What is it with people getting butthurt about dogs growling at owners and cats in a babies face? Dogs growling when someone comes near the baby = Parents know that no matter what their kid will be protected. Cats up in a babies face = They like them, unless you want them to hate the baby.  If you are getting upset about it, I have a solution ; Don't watch the video.

игорь титов says:

Собаки как люди , только лучше .

RJ Potato Reggie says:


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