Bird Bullies Cat EPIC FAIL!!! w/YouTube Editor

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I saw the bird picking on the cat this morning. So I turned on the camera….

Question for you:
Was this bird cruelty or did the bird get what he deserved? You decide…. Please leave a comment & rate by clicking thumbs up or thumbs down.

I created this video at

The background music I used is called “Ragtime Raggles Part 1” by Helen Jane Long according to the info on the YouTube Editor.

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Rolando Albrici says:

One of my cats caught a mouse today. Good. It's what they do.

Ryan Richards says:

You need a thug life moment

Ryan Richards says:

If you know cats you can see the cat test the bird (He does 1 test lunge to dial the bird in) then prentends to not be paying attention. The next time the bird tries it the cat perfectly counter attacks. the cat was thinking that move through the whole time

Nick Davis says:

music was a nice touch.

nuan king says:

Goood catt…dammass bird..

Roy Nabua says:

there are no nest around assholes…

Asrar Hassan says:

Birds only do that for their babies. Happy fucking mother's day lol

Stasz Chiropractic says:

Poor bird was just protecting its nest. But thats mother nature at work.

Dude88 15 says:

not bully there was a nest near by

McKale O'Neal says:

Nice catch lol

mike t. says:

Cat-1 bird'0 

Rashid Zayniev says:

It is not bullying. There is a nest of this bird nearby

Mary Moore says:

Ant that folks is how you get takeout if your a cat.

Sarah Pantoja says:

That bird is an asshole. That cat was just trying to mind its own business, eat grassy things, do cat stuff and that bird totally just wanted to be a bully and take its lunch money.

Andreas Hoppe says:

Naja, aber der Vogel hat(te) auch nicht grade alle Tassen im Schrank ;).

Andreas Hoppe says:

Instant justice.

Tirrell25 says:

The feline family are some smart hunters.they act like they are not paying attention and in reality setting you up.the cat was basically playing dumb and just waiting for the bird to peck him in the wrong area so he couod react.he went from acting calming to turning the after burners on on that bird.

Clarksons says:

This is what Australian Magpies deserve too 

Alex Chard says:

0:38 the bird is flying back words!

JahRasta01 says:

That Cat's a pussy

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