Birds-of-Paradise Project Introduction

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The Birds-of-Paradise Project reveals the astounding beauty of 39 of the most exquisitely specialized animals on earth. After 8 years and 18 expeditions to New Guinea, Australia, and nearby islands, Cornell Lab scientist Ed Scholes and National Geographic photojournalist Tim Laman succeeded in capturing images of all 39 species in the bird-of-paradise family for the first time ever. This trailer gives a sense of their monumental undertaking and the spectacular footage that resulted. Filmed by Tim Laman, Ed Scholes, and Eric Liner. Produced and Edited by Eric Liner.

Also be on the lookout for the Cornell Lab’s and National Geographic’s gorgeous coffee-table book (, a major exhibit at the National Geographic Museum (, a TV documentary (, articles in Living Bird ( and National Geographic magazines, and a North American lecture tour (


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Amazing Birds Behind the Ships

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Ottimo lavoro ragazzi. Siete grandi.

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Papua, Indonesia!

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Go go go visit to indonesia, indonesia beautyfull

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nice tutorial. Thanks

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Why is this so unknown to the world

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Watch beautiful sparrows


They were created beautifully. All Praises to the Most High.

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Indian birds nature says:

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02:56 It is way more creative than me 🙂

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i love wildlife and birds

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Wow so beautiful every bird .. thanks to everyone who put effort in this video.

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New Guinea? This is papua, papua is the island. Papua New Guinea is a nation

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I feels this birds Of Paradise In PAPUA INDONESIA.!!

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U… want… sum fuk?

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I can answer the evolutionists big question… God made them that way!

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Incredibly beautiful and just struck by there beauty and there plooms

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Nice Video. I subd you. sub me if you can.

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earth is unique .. how beautiful..

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0:43 what is the name of that bird?? Please i can't find it!!

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Subhanallah!! Birds of paradise..the name suits them well

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Di indonesia ni😥

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So nice birds. Sub my ch tooo

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