Bongo Cat’s Attack on Titan (OST)

To make up for my last video lacking as much effort as I normally put into my videos, I have spent 3 days on this little piece, and I have to say I quite like it, I hope you do too.

Attack On Titan visuals and audios, Dolan Dark Guitar Cat, Bongo Cats, and Nani audio clip are not mine but I have transformed them under fair use for non-profit purposes.

I am not turning into a Bongo Cat meme channel, it’s just easier for me at the moment to make these videos before I make the bigger videos when I go back to uni next month, that is if I make any, these are just easy and fun and it lets me practice with my chroma key and other editing skills.

Make sure to check out Meg’s bongo cat meme too:

This one’s for you Kyutipeas x


Anime Girl #17 says:

Neko datta?
I mean… Cats!?!?!Oh yes! Attack on Bongo Cat!

When Life Smacks You In The Face says:

I'm an intellect and I simply couldn't process this

Bladder Boi 99 says:

Guren no bongoya cat

SimplySomeBody says:

this is possibly the best thing ive watched

Shaun Hayes says:

haha yes weaaboo

Chara Dreemur 06 says:


Tran39X Gaming says:

Attack on bongo cat

Megan Rolfe says:

Honestly my favourite one I laughed very hard <3

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