Calming TV for Cats : The Ultimate Cat Relaxation Video – Garden Birds in The Rain

Calming TV for Cats : The Ultimate Cat Relaxation Video – My Garden Birds in The Rain – Music for Cats (Nature Sounds) – 8 Hours of spectacular cat tv featuring the most beautiful garden birds and calming nature music that is sure to relax your cat or kitten, aiding with separation anxiety and stress. The perfect cat calming aid to help your cat remain calm and sleep while you are out of the house.


dharmendra Singh says:

Thanks for you Hindi tell commentary

Alma G. says:

Cathartic release on humans too.. Thanks for sharing. 👏🏆

hundimzug says:

I never thought my cat would care, but just a few minutes in and they were mesmerized and then they ran behind the screen to catch the birds…thank you!

that is my cat she is amazing says:

This is making me sleepy as well

Emmarie .Violet.Vlogs says:

Thanks this is very useful for my kitten he needs to be calmed down before i leave so i put videos like this on!!!it works thanks so much

Stefan Herns says:


meriem mimi says:

my cats are very calm while watching this and following every bird lol

alphonzehk says:

These long videos are brilliant; I set one running for my cats every day before leaving the house. Great work!

CodingWithOutBorders Online says:

Great 👊😍👍

eXplorer says:

Excellent clip!

Emily Rhinier says:

I know it says cat TV, but is it weird that I enjoy watching these videos as well 😂. They are very relaxing, plus I love nature and animals 😊

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