Cat Adopts Baby Squirrels

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A cat called Kit-Kat in South Africa has adopted baby squirrels that fell out of their tree during a storm. Aww.

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At Taycross Zoo, England, Bugsy the 9 year-old French bulldog has traditionally looked after the zoo’s abandoned animals. His latest charge is Malone a 6 year-old orangutan abandoned by his mother. Malone will join the other orangutans when he’s a little older. For now though he seems to be in safe hands. Or rather, safe paws.

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Margui622 says:


Livi Stiverson says:

My cat died but she always took care of the baby bunnies who my neighbor threatened to kill but my cat Bobo or Beau would save there lives but now we don't have to worry about are neighbor because before she died the rabbits grew up.😓😊

Jan k says:

"…for now."

dyad2r1 says:

It's cute, but I hope those squirrels don't have rabies.

Janae Bryant says:

Still rodents.

Savecityofheroes Savecityofheroes says:


Serenity of Squirrels says:

Oh my god, so cute! haha

Anna VB says:

sometimes it is amazing to see animals so different, living in harmony more than humans could.

Eti Manasherov says:


Kyleigh Mccloud says:

Omg that is so interspersed

Michelle Bastone says:

Good mom

Josie Brewster says:

That was soooooo cute I always wanted a pet squirrel☺️

Yakarot Sennin says:

So… these cute little baby squirrels will grow up thinking their cats???

philanddeb818 says:

How sweet!

Alex x says:


Powerbubbles Aj (Hope) says:

awwwwwwwwwwwwww they act like there cat mom

shoba de zilva says:

so sweet

hattar00 says:

"For now" <—-keywords! Take notes people.

kajo lar says:

I'm melting…… (Somebody help me please!…)

Bunni D. Lizzy says:


AishaVonFossen says:

Aww, poor little babies, so precious.  <3  I'm glad they all seem to be okay, that's just horrible thinking of them out there during a storm and away from their mama, but I'm glad they all seem to be safe now.  🙂
This is similar to another story of an orphaned baby squirrel who was adopted by a cat who was already a mother of her own litter, and the squirrel named Rocky grew up to keep living with the family of cats and the humans who owned them.  He even learned to purr, just like his "mommy," it was so adorable.  LOL

John Gibert says:

The baby cats will Probably eat the baby squirrels

PRHILL9696 says:

Why can't human animals be this cute and loving

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