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My cat Boo has the terrible habit of messing with the door stop to wake us up early in the morning. He doesn’t do it because he’s hungry, he does it because he feels lonely. When he flicks the door stop it scares the crap out of us and we wake up right away.
(By Weslley Cavalcante)


Kelly J says:

He is so annoying and hilarious! Gotta love this cat! He's like "Oh hell no, if I can't sleep, you can't sleep!!" Priceless!!

Chase Fusaro says:

who watch in 2017

Luna Schauer says:

Wake up human

Christopher Heinze says:

Cats and springy door stops, what's not to love about this!

Rhou Land says:

peleliauuu kas rytą 😛

Chris Nizer says:

Puddy cats are kick ass!

Virgina Gobetz says:

I love it!No loud voices or music just a gentle boing,boing,boing ad infinitidem.

MartianManHunter2258 says:

This ain't as bad as the Happy Cat alarm clock.

Sam Tatum says:

how clever lol

Cumhuriyet Muhafızı says:

:D:D wonderful

The chicken nugget Lovers says:

I wish I had a cat alarm clock

deepfreezevideo2 says:

He doesn't meow in between doinks?
I had a cat that would mix in meows, so it went "doinky doinky meow, doinky doinky meow, doinky doinky meow."

Jim Boland says:

That is hilarious!

max jenkin says:

came here on behalf of Sheen

Meaghan Black says:

Lol, I came here from America's Cutest on Animal Planet

Susanne Feddern says:

Ha, ha, ha, this is so funny! I need to buy one ;-)))

Vergil the legendary dark slayer says:

i gotta get one of those for my cats

Mathilde Laurore says:

very strange idea for me to not let the cat sleep with you ! take a fake toy if you di that …

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