Cat and Dog are Best Friends

In this cute animal video, these two pets who could be foes, seem to be getting along very nicely.

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Marianne Facultatif says:

poor dog … he looks at his mistress or master and seems to say: I do not mind you're dealing with that damn cat while I finished my lunch … lollll

RenataBartoli1 says:

So sorry for the dog: I know what that means. I hope the cat is still doing well.

Tetedog1 says:

Obviously your dog has a wonderful personality. What a beautiful face. The cat is real lucky to have him to play with.

Kate Maund says:

Lovely video 🙂

megsie1424 says:

Love, love , love it! The music makes it even better!

Khazar01 says:

Sorry to hear that….if that was your dog, sorry for your loss

George Staab says:

haha the cat will not give up!

Jesse Cole says:

The Golden Retriever is a senior. The tilting head is simply his/her way of reacting to the kitten playing with the tail. Also, this video was taken in 2004 which means that lovely dog has since passed.

Khazar01 says:

why does the dog tilt his head like that ? it looks like his right ear hurts or something

Leu4S says:

i clicked on the video and it paused lol.

Gman6755 says:

Cute video. Looks like a great old family dog. Still, that cat is smart enough to stay away from the food bowl while the pooch is eating. Few dogs will tolerate feline company at the bowl.

THEentertainment ENGames welkom says:

Epic hahahahahaha

Sunsetwhite3 says:

Good vid so cute 🙂 <3

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