Cat and dog…Best friends for ever…


cwalkinsoul says:

What kind of doggie? 😉

thebenchwarmer says:

headbutt of love XD

LaDella Spivack says:

— are they still friends?

Daleebread says:


SuikaTheBlingz says:


Puppy says:


norhal says:

I found it!!! Omg too cute!!! 3

Kyle says:

Both of them are so nice! How sweet are they ;p

Barbie BabyV says:

Aw the sweetest thing!!:)

aznilsson says:

Soo adorable!

BogartBros says:

Like they say, best friends are friends till the end. :) which i recently experienced with my dog that ran away

_____ says:

That's a best friend..wonderful:P

Anke Hemeryck says:

wtf wrm int engels shek men katte en hond doen

MrSamp1069 says:

what breed of dog is that?

13rush37 says:

"feels good man"

Alice Crystal says:

<3 !!!!!

mexiacow says:

Epic face plant. Too cute.

ivlfounder says:


Someone that twisted would like the beating and hate the hug. 😉

mobatheseeker says:

@ivlfounder hug him man i wann hunt him down and ask him why he disliked if he disliked for a stupid reason im gonna beat him to shit

ivlfounder says:


We must hunt this person down.

And hug them.

River Smith says:

who is the cruelty addict? (the ONE dislike on this video) THIS IS IRRESISTABLE! Who could POSSIBLY hate it?!

BrotherhoodOfTheOink says:

Awwwww so cute! <3

kek k says:

0:22 funy cat 😀

Mitch Briggs says:

That is sooo dear….

Large Moose says:

Cute, overload,

haoyun lai says:

oh my god, that is tooooo cute!!!!!

HellenaVanU says:

amores !!! <3 que lindoooos!!!! super cute

KatMat says:

Too CUTE!!! I'm going to explode with cuteness!!!!

Sarah Jane says:

awwww thats sooo cute

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