Cat and New Puppy Meeting For The First Time Videos Compilation 2017

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Cq Thatdude says:

The dog at the end looked like a little fox lol

Martin Avery says:

A lesson in how not to introduce animals to each other.

Brenda Nelson says:

Funny 😂 😂 video for sure, thanks for sharing 🤗😎♌

Angela Goudman says:

We introduced our cat to a friend's puppy and the PUPPY appeared not to know quite what to make of the CAT! (The cat wanted to make friends. We suspect he thinks he's a dog. He's lovely but a bit thick.)

TFfolkes says:

wonder how many puppies were blinded by a cat

Maxwell Pollville says:

Find your happy place

Bertha Koos says:

That's so cute cat and puppy getting to meet each other. When our cat met our new dog .It did not go well .But it took awhile now they are best Friends.

Justin Kelmendi says:

Useless clips

2degucitas says:

Cat: if I kill it will they notice?

DrTheKay says:

WARNING: Annoying americans in video, mute so you dont have to hear their stupid accent.

Stormy Geddon says:

Hello, you've used my video without my permission which starts at 1:31 and ends at 1:47. Can you please remove my video?

James Martin says:

It's really more about adults vs kids as opposed to dogs vs cats.

EnigmaDrath says:

4:23 -> I shall disorient him with a barrel roll!

chris price says:

Nice music.

Fouchardbernadette Merci beaucoup says:

J'adore cette video tros marent mercie beaucoup

Good Girl Karma says:

If cats ruled the world, we would have peace on earth lol

Mike Rom says:

Nah, cats are no fun!

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