Cat and Owner chasing a bug

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Egon is an Indoor house cat, and a true warrior. Egon knows his owner is a pant-less coward when it comes to bugs, so he’s always ready when it’s time to hunt.

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Miss Lily says:

Omg this is the BEST thing ever. Laughing so hard.

mario agostini says:

The moving bug catcher…. I will go to home depo and I will ask about it.
I need one too in my house.

mario agostini says:

that is cute..

Botmin says:

I do this with my dog!

autumnsdadsgirl says:

I do this with my cat :)

Ruta Racaite says:

Love it!!! :)

fetal excretion says:

10/10, most effective fly swatter of 2014

RoyalCaoCao says:

Legend has it that…he's still trying to get it.

Dominus Icarus (Icarus90) says:

So is he wearing white and gold or white and red?

doey100PSN says:

Cats find it really hard to see anything within 30cm's from its face so they rely on their whiskers to sense things. 

sysMAXXX says:

Look its a bug!… Its a Insect!… Its a Fly!…. err….hmm….

Hireshi says:

Thumbs up if…
nah forget it.

BlueFox94 says:

Thumbs up if a certain giraffe/penguin/bare-ass bear/metal monkey brought you here.

Harold Wagner says:

is that…you on the TV screen? lol

grrrindz says:

on the half of reddit, i found this video very offensive, it is showing animal crul;ety where the guy is teaching the cat how to kill animals, it also shows how to ttoture a bug, a bug life has many meaning and they have feelings and hurts. please take in video down. before animal cruetly control comes knowkcing. . therefore, the reddit is please to and not please to review this case in the terms of volitions. 

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