Cat Attack on Human


Allen Cooper says:

come on expect the unexspected

AzBirdDog says:

Is the cat trained to attack?
I seen a video back in the 80's where a police dog trainer had trained a black cat to attack on comand.
Talk about one kick butt weapon! You'd be stupid to tango with a full grown cat.

Kim Lambert says:

Cool, i want my cat to do that xx

Drogoth63 says:

that cat aint crazy! that cat went tiger!

Jennavi says:

Why is everyone so mad?


Who in the world ever thought you could come to a cat video and there is flame war going on? LOL

Lucy S. Diamond says:

ninja kitty

marmitton9 says:

fuck men he was only playing! see the tales of the cat! dumbass

Haley George says:

thhat's not what cars do when they're mad
when they're mad that lay their ears back and growl their hair may raise up
the tail thing meat he was playful look it up I've had cats all my life and when ever they're playing maybe about to pounce they swish their tail around. That cat wasn't mad that's just how cats play.

lockstocknl says:

you clearly have no knowledge of cat behavior whatsoever, this was pure play!

SelSun83 says:

i wonder what some ppl do for.. the cats to be like that.

EOTW666 says:

LOL he attacked.

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