Cat Attacking New Kitten – Older cat attacks new adopted kitten after giving some ‘warnings’!

My existing cat was not much interested in the new adopted kitten which was abandoned near my home by someone . After getting familiar with the surroundings the new kitten started following the old cat which the older existing cat didn’t like. She stated hissing and bullied at the kitten in the beginning to show her displeasure but the new kitten was not much bothered by the aggression or bullying and continued following the cat without knowing that the older cat doesn’t like it. At the end the existing cat almost attacked the new kitten and then the new kitten stopped following her!


Sandy Smith says:

you are an asshole for not helping that poor hapless kitten..just standing back getting your jollies off so you can brag you got something on you tube

trigger happy says:


Josue Erick Supnet says:

Lemme smash

emora weeks says:

omg that fucking whore calling for a boy cat to mate with her

Mimi Plain says:

the older cat was really nice to the kitten. She could have killed him/her easily but she didn't.❤ She just told him/her that she's not interested …. in the 'cats way'

landon does gaming500 says:

If I was the cat who got attacked I would have kept attacking the older cat.

Hostile Princess says:

The adult cat was in heat. She doesn't want kits anymore, she wants to fuck

GeckoBot248 says:

If I was there I wood kick the crap out of that stupid cat and save the kitten 🐈

Cat Love says:

poor kitty 😢

Fiery EnEn says:

to the people commentating that the older cat is bad well .l. you guys
Its just NATURE, don't mix morality with it you dolts, let it be.

Rene Loenders says:

kill that fucking old cat

CrookedKit Emerald123 says:

Poor kitty. ;-;

sardu55 says:

Cats are The Big Guy showing us his sense of humor.  These two cats, probably from the ultra ugly feral looking strain seen in eastern Europe and Asia, represent the breed well: skinny, stupid, ugly and noisy.  These are the cats you see roaming around small Asian villages looking for food, and trying to get laid.  In Asian, a skinny cat is a live cat, fat cats don't last long (that's right, they eat them) so skinny is a life insurance policy.  However, Asians don't tolerate them well, if they make problems the local dog/cat Disposal Old Lady comes by for a collection and summary execution.  I think these cats are both females.

NastB -GROWTOPIA says:

its okeh kittiee i dont like it too..but u can find anuther mum :v LOL

ولد البوادي says:

Nice Experience

gaming with robi says:

Are yu get him food

Joe Johnson says:

Why don't you feed them instead of video recording them you heartless jackass!

wiggy waggo says:

The adult cat is not a villain, she can't exactly say "there there, it's ok, let's go and look for your real mum, and if we can't find her, we'll call the police and the nice officers will be able to help". Some people think they're watching the jungle book!

Janice Kronen says:

Poor little kitten was still meowing for her even after he got attacked. I guess not all female cats have motherly instincts

Dark Magician Girl says:

that cat has a reason for not letting that kitten following it… cuz it won't be able to take care of the kitten… simple!

aay ushtheaeg says:

bad kitty btw kick that cat

Gambit771 says:

Cats are dicks and the kitten is old enough to know this so what does it expect will happen.

Guy High says:

uglyass kitten. you got ripped off

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