Cat attacks boy


Crazy Tesseract says:

He should have known when the cast started wagging its tail.

Dean Winchester says:

That cat could've done much worse if it wanted to. Had he been home alone with this cat, and playing with it like this. I'm sorry to say this kid would've been mauled to death. And the fact that it lounged for his face/neck, means it intended to do more that just injure the boy. Cats usually go after arms and legs, the things they know you'll use to defend yourself with. If they go after face/head/neck, that's not just a defense tactic. That cat was in hunting/killing mode.

Malone Onze says:


Kazuki Tzung says:

Ding ding ding here's your winner cat wrestler

Super Mario Transit Fan 16 says:

He was chocking the cat That's what he gets

Electro_Yellow says:

If I was the cats owner, i would immediately send the cat to the pound

Electro_Yellow says:

That cat deserves to be dinner

Nataleigh says:

And your a bad parent

Nataleigh says:

That's a bad kid

Gaming with Dustin says:

I just pet my cat gently instead of choking it!

Angvls x says:

Lol he deserved it

Xanh Khủng Long says:

very cute cat. I want it

Dogquack says:

thats one weak kid man, i remember beating the shit out of my dog when it bit me when i was around 10

Jonny says:

lmao cats like : Get Fucked On Kid

Thinnaphpne Sisounthone says:

I bet that cat has a better home and I'm happy he was hurt that's animal abuse

chelsi irvine says:

That cat had every right to scratch your stupid boy. Teach him to be more gentle with your cat.

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