Cat attacks dog tami# from the car

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Tami# and his failed attempts at making friends with a cat. –
Dog beats up this cat –
Same another video
Dog eats biscuit with kittens – friendly
This video recorded at my home ,on 20.2.2014


thedownhillerboy says:

Interaction between dogs and cats is always something pretty amazing and funny to watch!

27GhettoBreakStar27 says:

0:39 hahahahahahhahahaa

Dontay Minter says:

Dog's got pretty good reflexes.

Billy Fish says:

Damb that little guy is quick 😂

Chris Newman (Fat Libertarian Dude) says:

LOL The dog just wanted to play and the cat just wanted to be left alone.

Jade Whitaker says:

the dog must learn the cat is alpha and if u want respect u must first give respect
well-done cat

Jade Whitaker says:

serve the dog right the cats saying I'm warning u
the dog deserved wat it got
let me put my face in front of yours and see if u smack it or not lol lol lol
cat wont allow it and won that fight

SlyCute Fox says:

hahahhaha he screamed like a freaking woman hahahah

Phu Que says:

That dog could have ended that cat if it wanted to.

Nia JK says:

Aww the dog wanted to play and check out the cats.

The cat didn't like the dog though.

That ain't my tail Bitch says:

Dog doesn't give a fuck, still keeps his face close to the cat even after being scratched.

Adam Ant says:

That dog is scratching the paint.


TheEnragement Child says:

This is why I get NON territorial cats…. They are more vicious, unless they are good friends with you

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