Cat Attacks Dog!


Trae King says:

Poor dog. Fuck you, cat.

JJ says:

The cat said "Get off the couch I want to lay on it!" the dog said "OK OK geez….have the damn couch."

Nia JK says:

They should not be encouraging this behavior between the cat and dog.

They just sit back and watch and laugh. They should be trying to stop this behavior, it could lead to problems in the future. Also lead to more aggressive fights.

The dog looked like she was very nervous about the cat. He was looking at the owner and glancing at the cat.

My friend had a cat and a dog.

They thought it was so cute and funny when the cat would mess with the dog.

One day the cat bullied the dog to much and the dog snapped.
The fight was very aggressive.

The dog was big so, the cat was really beat up and had to get surgery.
The dog went blind in one eye from a scratch by the cat.

Its not funny. They should be stopping this behavior.

Their is a difference between playing and the dog looked very uncomfortable.


i have a cat some cats are just evil that is not a nice one.and i felt sorry for the dog

Thelionfan11 says:

The cat was like : Get the fuck off that couch…. it's mine

SADİ says:

very funny. ..I laughed…

Stefhan Mcneal says:

If you could hear the dogs teeth clamping… Yeah thats not a playing 😂😂

Flameheart Fox says:

that dog was looking at the camera like "I swear if you weren't putting this on YouTube,I would've beat this cat's ass"

Oliver Banz says:

the cat is jelalous obiously

Laura Ahmed says:

Poor dog !!

‫من لم يمت بسيف مات بغيره okay‬‎ says:


Allan Carbajal says:

Me gustan los gatos costrosos y ,os perros mensos

ownageparty says:

LOL the dog don't do shit he let the cat attack him

kilagon10 says:

Owner are laughing like idiots in the background…Dumbshits like that, should never own pets.
Btw…The cat is nothing but a piece of worthless garbage, next to a loyal, intelligent, awesome dog.

Suresh Dhami says:

dog like "I'm being recorded..let me be a good boy" xD

Sarah Halfpenny says:

They're only playing. If either of them meant business, you'd have know about it by now! The first thing I noticed is that they are both absolutely adorable and well looked after. Beautiful car and gorgeous dog. Clearly much loved pets, 😆

Imaginative Light says:

Hm, not very funny. :/ I was more worried than anything else.

James Bond23 says:

That cat was Mayweather quick

QueenWeezy™ says:

Lmaooooooo I jumped

Kieran Lennox says:

wow I've never once seen a cat bite first instead of using its claws

kilagon10 says:

Not going to be funny when the cat permanently damages one of his eyes…Fuckin morons.

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