Cat Bath Fail

In this funny cat video, this little kitty seems to not mind getting wet which seems unusual. However when she find the right moment to escape, her owner pays for it. Splash! For all licensing inquiries please contact: info(at)homevideolicensing(dot)com.


David Morrison says:

1988? Still better quality then most you tube videos -_-

dmbadcat says:

Fail Holy Fail

caterpillarnana says:

Oh yeah, like that hasn't happened to everyone who's ever bathed a cat.

Dan M. says:

Wow can't believe this video is from 1988

Pablo Nieto says:

imagine how strange the cameraman position was with his feet down there….

Zarian Veselinov says:

Why are the videos so old? This one is from 1988.

Amazing Archive says:

6th comment πŸ™‚

chd wwk says:


lumpyspacecadet says:

1988. LOL. This is a REALLY old video, but still funny. (Her '80's clothes….)

Mad9977 Productions says:

Cat 1:0 Human LOL =P

RottenRroses says:

1.1.88. At least the cat is long dead, maybe those people as well. Bummer!

GiGaB4yt1 says:

that was a win for the cat^^

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