Cat baths her baby kitten


Omar Mario Cepeda says:

Kash Ruiz; Kash Ruiz; I did too!! Lol, you Face, Skype, or hangouts?-Happy-Happyο»Ώ

Darken NoShinka says:

Someone's purringο»Ώ

DreamDancer82 says:

I think I'm gonna die from over exposure to extreme adorable-ness. I'm melting into a big puddle of moosh right about now. SQUEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!ο»Ώ

customcartoons says:

Momma! Your tongue is scwatchy!!

TheChicagirl123 says:

At the beginning she looks at you like:
Beautiful are they huh?

Cute πŸ™‚

Rizombie says:

Because we don't lick our babies when we want to clean them ? Give me a break.

Leonardo Wyatt says:

@Matin518 oi oi without humans u wouldn't be in this world xD

S Basinger says:

Thats a pretty cat

dremulokalfe says:

SO cute, as only a kittie's mom can do it πŸ™‚

Audrey Schulte says:

Ur so lucky yesterday my cat had her baby but it was dead when came out and I cry when ever I see kittens now

jeckacute07 says:


SandraHage95 says:

The kitten goes crazy! So cute!!

Amy Faye says:

They both look up and theyre like, 'Hey. WTF are you looking at?'

Shalei says:

Aww that's so precious. Which one of them is purring?

sugarcat1997 says:


MegaJumbo101 says:

The momma has beautiful eyes!!

ThePessaYard says:

Kitty: mom i think i am clean now
Mom: no 2 hours left

Dario Vallejos says:

I thought it was my cat! Looks exactly like her, except the eyes though, πŸ˜€

Pikafan2132 says:

Kitten: No momma i dont want to take a bath

Momma: Yes you will!

SxyAndry says:

I love cats <3

PirateJessicaandcats says:

xD Mum cat is all about the bum

Flasher78 says:

@crzymexican57 I've been sitting here watching cat videos most of the night! And before that I was looking at LOL Cat pictures, which led me to watching cat videos

Matin518 says:

Cats r better than humans… πŸ™

Lyoko2516 says:

At one point Linda is like, "I want your tail, Momma."

ShaiHuludisCool says:

@valnaweb Aww, that's so cute, because I named my foster cat Fantine and her daughter Cosette from Les Miserables!

Patricia Zambrano says:

Absolutely beautiful!

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