Cat Bathtub Freakout Fail

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shaniya lane says:

This had me cracking up😂😂😂😂😂😹😹😹😹😹😹

Labyirnth II says:

help the poor thing woman XD

jaredgt500 says:

your lunky that dident brake one of your cats hips………………..

Luciel Choi says:

Hah, that's so cute.. xD

David Lopez says:

i have made a terrible mistake.

anthojjjoe says:


ariebby says:

Cat : Hmm , I wonder what thi- OH SHIT , No no no no no .

honeywave211 says:

Y would he or she go in the tub in the first place

Yasmine Tucker says:

Shame but he's pretty cute 🙂

filijo99 says:

Me: Just one more cat video before I go to bed.
Youtube: Heeeeeeeeell no!

Kay Vertalics says:

run everyone run!!!!!! gt out gt out!!!! abord abord!!!

Rob Margolin says:

CAT LOVERS PLEASE HELP!!!!PLEASE TYPE IN THEROBMARGOLIN and please check out the adorable rescues that need great homes in the video GANGNAM CAT STYLE and if you can adopt please reach out thanks my email is at the end of my Jillian Michaels video

ScarlettSane says:

Your comment just made me cry with laughter, thank you so much! :')

Jesse Shumway says:

If you're going to make a dumb comment then at least spell it right. The chances of you speaking Korean seem pretty slim but you should at least know that it's *Gangnam* Style.

Michelle V says:

Hahahaha. This is really cute!!

Jay Bee says:


Maxx Fordham! says:

Whow, that's an interesting countertop overlap situation you've got going on there!

Oh, and… hahahaha, that cat was pretty funny too! 😀

TheMosstrooper says:

Funny! Hahaha

LazarusIvan says:

0:22-0:26 GANGNUM STYLE!!!

christyneo38 says:

aww poor kitty lmfao

PaleoClipper says:

oooooo, poor kitten

Mskitty19911 says:

Awww, that is sooo sad!!! Poor kitty

Emily says:

I remember when I was really young, my cat fell in the jacuzzi. I felt horrible because it was winter, but at least I was in there to get her out.

Leeroy Jenkins says:

0:22 You sounded like you had orgasm there.
OOOOH WAIT, yea… your pussy got wet.
Sorry for asking. :3

Slimpathy12 says:

curiosity "scared" the cat lol

Laura Nelson says:

Happy Birthday Sulvester!

Sarah Pine says:

AWWWWW. Hahahahahaha.
It's so darn cute, and hilarious at the same time. Oh gosh, I love it.

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