CAT BLOOPER – Smoothie Falls In Bathtub

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Today a short video about Smoothie playing on the edge of the bathtub. She’s usually very cautious, so it’s quite rare that she makes a mistake. Fortunately Milkshake is there to help her!

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Julie says:

Your cars are absolutely gorgeous

linette leen says:

and milk-shake came to the rescue hhh 😂

Gryphen Icedancer says:

Such a graceful sliding fall! The look on her face was absolutely priceless, Uh oh, I hope this tub doesn't have any water!!!

And Milkshake is all ooooh, are we playing?? Yes, we are! Ummm, play? What? Oops, you're in the water place, you Ok?

JenJenny says:

Such a graceful fall. Haha.

Sherry Berry says:

LOL Milkshake to the rescue!

A Zimmermann says:

I don't understand how anyone could ever dislike any of the videos on this channel……these cats are freaking adorable!

coryoplayer says:

Happy Wednesday Smoothie & Milkshake.
All that fur gives you the extra slip factor. And it looks like Milkshake was worried for you by how fast that jump happened, to check on you.
But I will say that your human has a cool shower curtain.

No ha says:

She fell in Seoul hahah

Peanut Butter & Jem says:

I love milkshake coming to laugh at smoothie's pain

Moontess says:

Happens even to the best of us.

Zuhair S says:

Milkshake…. I got you babe don't worry…. Who did this !!! ….. knowing fully he is all talk.

Sabrina Fontaine says:

Your cats are super cute 😍 I love them

The Original Fart Box says:

That sinking feeling

Lady Bats says:

oh no!!! lol
Milk shake to the rescue!!! <3

aruna thounaojam says:

👍👍👍 for the bathroom curtain

RiRi Minaj says:

That was the cutest fall😍😍

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