cat collecting the post – SMART CAT!!! – Postman Cat


Wendy Austin says:

My cat would have sat upon the mail and proceeded to rip off tiny pieces till it was gone. Just ask my Stephen King hardcover book that was left out when I went to work. 

Solo Frazier says:

awww, he's precious.

Jon Joji says:

Is this what u called a "SMART CAT" ?! Pffftt!!

Lindsay Films says:

That is a smart cat!

Clive Bindley says:

A technology, you're joking surely?

Anyway thanks for the lecture..much appreciated, you can piss off now..smartass.

WiseOneOfGod says:

Smart means figuring things out for yourself, not being trained to do so. A dog has to be trained to do bring a letter to its owner. A cat figures out even more complex things on his or her own- like how to open a door (which is man-made 'technology', by the way).

DeebleVision says:

It does bring it to its owner

Clive Bindley says:

Not smart, just curious like all cats..if it were smart it would have taken the letter to it's owner.

StripedVenus Flytrap says:


Starbzy1 says:

I also know about this cat from my sister and I think he's wonderful. They are such clever characters. x

Barbie Thompson says:

I know this cat. He's fantastic. Believe me there are no tricks he just started doing when they moved from a flat into a new house. If his owners are not there he takes the post and leaves it on the living-room carpet.

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