Cat Compilation – Top 2013 – Funny Moments with Cats

An epic compilation with funny and cute cats in one video – My cat food: !!! Your cat will love it too !!!
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Wafa Gh says:

Hello, My channel is about my cats .. Subscribe if you cats lover :)

Tetris Cat says:

7:38 Bluestar wants her BREAKFAST TWOLEGS!!

GingerCat says:

This is why internet exists.

Dawnhavoc Le minecrafter says:

1:59 looks exactlly like my cat… if she was a baby…..

Виктория Гринчик says:

на 0:55 он просит есть

lps fnaf foxy a mangle says:

One cat looked like it was praying

Pancakes Plays says:


The Best For You says:

God video.

Szymon P. says:

When cats are sad i am sad

Benedetta Cannizzo says:

poveri animaletti gli fatevi ubbidire queste cose senza pensarci 2 volte sono animaletti pensate di essere voi al loro posto non sono accolti nella vostra casa per fare queste cose sono li per farvi compagnia io lo so lo capisco non ho un animaletto ma ne vorrei uno con tutto il cuore potrei fare di tutto pur che me ne comprino uno

Swag "Bloody-Eyes" feather says:

the true meaning of the internet

Indra Mono says:

cute cute cute!!!!!!!

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