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My other great Christmas gift was an expansion to my cat tree my Papa made for me! He added some exciting new cat condo features and made it quite a bit taller. I checked it out and explored my new playground while they set up their Christmas presents.

If you’ve seen any of my family’s videos lately you’ll know that all I’ve done since receiving this new cat tree for Christmas is sit on top or inside it! Helps me with the withdrawals I’ve been going though with the Christmas tree being put away.


Preston Siegler says:

That cat lives better than me! Lucky duck❤

S Robin Dittrich says:

I love re-watching Lazzy and his first time on new condo. He's just so cute

Karemaker says:

the trouble with our cat, is he is a maine coon and 20 lbs. I'd like to get him something like this but he is WAY too big.

Alice Wang says:

hes so spoiled!

Lena Fischer says:

Im jealous of your wonderful home and the place where u live.looks idyllic

Melanie Martinez says:


Evelyn Sweeney says:

He's slightly crosseyed. What an oddly gorgeous little face.

Mavicity says:

I need a lazzy plush t_t

Victoria Buldak says:

Pawsome girt Laz, your parents are great!  Now how about putting your blankie on the top for snuggling??  Sending good wishes to the family and some snuggles for you handsome.

paulina J says:

Laz the king

SamIAm says:

how are you going to keep it from falling over?

Southern Mom Hobbies says:

Ninja kitty

Lara Maaike says:

I love it when furry friends are getting spoiled >^,,^<

Debra Lejeune says:

Hey Branden: See if you can find a video on HouzzTV. The title is: Man turns his house into cat playland. It's cool what he did. What a great superhighway! Laz likes his tree because it is new, but he's outgrown it. Cats love to be up high. Try to make it go to 7-8 feet so he can keep his muscles in shape climbing with a place square on top so he can stretch out or a big cubbyhole. Make sure it's secure so it won't fall over as he climbs or sharpens his nails.

Laz looks bored. Do you take him for walks on a leash? Laz is so handsome don't let him be lazy now. When cats get older they get lazy they don't want to climb or play. I guess that is where having a companion helps with play, wrestle, chase each other. Without that they are dependent on us humans to provide that. Try that new toy that has feathers on the end of a string. He will think it's a bird. Show us some videos of him spazzing out running around the house, playing or his walks.

I was wondering how he finally did with wet food? Did you ever find a brand/flavor he would eat?

Mark Vehar says:

Great high rise condo Laz. It looks like it belong in Manhatten, NY.

MrNice1966 says:

awesome vid, if ur cat cud talk – wonder if he wud say.."ok u can turn that camera off now" lol

Tender EagleRose says:

Be prepared, little Lazarus, you are going to be a very big cat in two years. Just like my Cashew, who is also a flame point Siamese. You will be able to reach places standing on your hind legs that you have to jump up to reach right now. You will be strong and powerful, sleek and beautiful, like a mountain lion of cream. Your family will love to hold you and watch as you prowl about. So regal, so proud, a mighty hunter you will be, yet, full of love for your family. Enjoy each and every day. Play hard. Cuddle a lot. Have fun.😊

Diamond Chef says:

Show Lazarus himself as a baby. Wonder what he thinks… (Lazarus: I'm in love with my new tower! I'm the king!)

maggie 2003 says:

Lazarus has grown so big. thank goodness y'all found him before he was gone.

Stefan Hyde says:

want to kiss and hug Laz

Michelle Schaefer says:

oh Lazzy loving the new condo. that little chubby just fits into that cubby. love ya Lazzy

lemon says:

Such a cute video! I love Laz! <3

Michita The kitty says:

He is excited to explore the cat tree, he looks adorable

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